Eva Kail_Vienna Model Conference
Eva Kail_Vienna Model Conference

12.30h | Eva Kail at the ETSAV


“Who defines what good architecture or good planning is? Who takes care of specific architectural problems?  How do we assess the results? Who listens to users’ needs?  Sometimes, as practitioners or teachers, we easily accept as good design what comes from abroad without inquiring it.

Eva Kail has been troubled with these questions since the 80’s, when she noticed cities were planned by designers who were not aware of all the urban inhabitants’ actual needs, particularly the needs of women. So, in Vienna, Kail has supported the mainstreaming of gender perspective in planning and architecture, that is to say, she has promoted Equality between women and men by first analysing the effects different designs hold on women and men, respectively, and secondly by establishing pilot projects and a good practices catalogues what actually means an attempt to contribute to social justice by opening new themes and processes to discussion.”




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