SUMMER SCHOOL: The City and the Water
SUMMER SCHOOL: The City and the Water

The workshop will involve students and young professionals working together on the Versilia area, for two weeks-full immersion teamwork.Special attention will be set to public spaces, where the shared collective values of the urbs had formed. Those spaces actually show a deep formal and substantial crisis of identity: the focal point of this workshop will be the regeneration of the area, breaking through the traditional models.

The case study is an artisan area called “Due Laghi”: a context with a high environmental value and a great economic potential, but actually mined by strong fragilities.
The workshop will start from the comprehension of the historical evolution of this area; with the help of an international teaching staff, it will aim to define scenery of changes according to different scales, from the territorial to the architectural one.
The methodology that will be applied provides the experimentation of the most innovative tools and the collaboration between the international guests and the local subjects: university, administrations, professionals, associations, enterprises, and particularly artists and artisans. In the first week it will be developed the regeneration project; in the second week, students will be involved in a self-construction experience on the project area, in collaboration with the artists and artisans of the “2 Luoghi” group.
The workshop will include public meetings, important moments of exchange within participants, citizens, professionals and local public administrations.
The objectiveof the workshop is to develop hypothesis for the urban regeneration of the spaces through architecture, arts and self-construction in order to support their re-appropriation from a physical, social and economic point of view.

The final results of the workshop will be showed in a public exhibition at the end of the workshop, in Sant’Agostino cloister, in Pietrasanta, as well in the “Due Laghi” area, where it will be possible to see the self-construction products.


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