SUMMER SCHOOL: Shifting Climate, Reshaping Urban Landscapes
SUMMER SCHOOL: Shifting Climate, Reshaping Urban Landscapes

The summer school ‘Shifting Climate, Reshaping Urban Landscapes’ will take place from the 27th of August until the 3th of September 2015.

Today, there is a high demand for climate adaptation strategies. As scientists and policy makers attempt to reduce local vulnerability, they are confronted with many barriers, inherently linked to the climate issue. A first barrier is the high uncertainty within climate models, e.g. projections on sea level rise range from 0,2 to 2 meters by 2100 (Masters, 2007). Furthermore, it is difficult to integrate the long term perspective of climate adaptation within everyday practice. In addition, climate adaptation will rely on an integrated management.

Design is described to bridge conflicting views and wishes. Urban and landscape design combines various challenges for the territory into an overall vision with multiple time horizons. During the summer school, we will explore the role of urban and landscape design within climate adaptation.

The summer school is an intensive 8-day international design studio. Students of diverse backgrounds (urbanism, landscape, etcetera) will work on a Belgian case study. Together, they will develop a strategy for local climate adaption. During this week, the students will be assisted by an international master designer, particularly skilled in climate issues. Furthermore, the students will interact with several Flemish and Dutch chief designers and local stakeholders. At the end, design results will be presented at a public event.


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