The 10th Korean Rural Architecture Competition
The 10th Korean Rural Architecture Competition

2015 UIA approved international architectural ideas competition


Sari-Myeon, Goesan-Gun is an ordinary village with the typical opportunities and problems of any Korean farming village. The village has declined from its position as a provincial center in recent years because of modernization.

The village tries to communicate and to reproduce among the generations through reproducing the architectural assets which will contain the essence of the village’s past, present, and future.

In this context, the possibility of using the old warehouse of Nonghyup and the old children centers is well worth re-investigation.

The village has need for a space for discussion and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. There has, for a long time, been the need for programs that link the many generations within a “Senior Center-Junior Center.”

Students and graduates from all over the world who studied architecture, city, environment and structure


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