Required level:English B1
Required level on start:English B1 (recommended level, no certificate needed)
Person of contact:J.H. Boer Eric (Architecture) / Adriana Grimme (International Office)
E-mail:j.h.boer@pl.hanze.nl / iso@org.hanze.nl
URL of university:https://www.hanze.nl/eng
URL of Int Office of the Uni:https://www.hanze.nl/eng/services/international-services/international-student-office/international-student-office


Hanze University of Applied Science of Groningen only offers courses in Civil Engineering or Interior Design. There is no School of Architecture as such. It is important to check well the courses offered by this university.

School for Architecture, Built environment and Civil Engineering (within the Hanze University of Applied Sciences).


Briefly, I think there are opportunities mainly in the second phase of our 4 year program leading to a bachelor degree (bachelor of built environment). The last 1,5 years consist of internship, specialization and graduation project.

The specialization is especially interesting because we are aiming to develop this in English, and offer the English track to students starting in 2016/2017.


In the “architecture specialization” students work a semester on a local issue, where Urban Shrinkage plays on general a main role. Students are asked to design and develop a function/building with generic aspects such as strategies and participation of stake holders. A specific question leading to generic answers.


Information Sheet

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